Friday, September 5, 2008


Where were you on this date, at this time, in 2001?

It's September 5, at 8:30 a.m. CST.

On September 5, 2001, at 9:30 EST, I was getting married.

A lot has changed in the last seven years, but from where I sit, every bit of that change has been for the better. Some things haven't changed - namely, the people who love and value me as a person are still there, steadfastly doing what they do, and making my life brighter. We've added some people to mix, and my life has blossomed because of them.

So now it's not 8:30 a.m. any more. That moment has come and gone, and I can let go of the memory of a walk down the aisle and a marriage destined to fail, and concentrate instead on what was happening 42 years ago today.

Yep, that's when Patricia Irene Weston Bieritz brought not one, but two babies into the world. And with the exception of the occasional bump in the road along the way, it's been a pretty damn good life so far.

I'm glad you're sharing it with me.


monkeyhouse said...


maggie said...

Gee, Mike, don't get all touchy-feely with me, okay?

Love you! Happy my birthday! Go out and celebrate like I'm there!

Becky said...

already added a special message for you since we can't be together.

if it were 30 degrees warmer i'd take you swimming.

love you and happy bday!

maggie said...

Can you believe how cold it got in a week? Sheesh, nothing like a 25-degree temperature drop overnight.

Oh, well. We'll always have South Haven!

monkeyhouse said...

What? It's not like I said "Happy birthday, Stupid."

maggie said...

Good point. I'll stop pouting now.

Have fun and don't work too hard in Vegas. Love you!