Friday, September 5, 2008

Flowers, flan and vino

It's been quite a day. First of all, I hate working on my birthday, but not as much as I hate burning a vacation day ... so, off to work I went. It wasn't the worst thing ever, actually. My non-friend Ryan (because we all know I do not make friends at work, right?) left the sweetest card on my desk. Only a 23-year-old pischer can say things like "Is that a wildfire or the candles on your cake?" and get away with it. It did, of course, earn him a whack upside the head.

Phone calls an e-mail from family and friends filled my morning, causing me to grin like a giddy 13-year-old. It's good to be loved!

Anyhoo, I made my famous guacamole to share with the work crew, and we all went out for lunch. When we returned to the office, I was notified of a package at the front desk. This is what was waiting for me.
Aren't they gorgeous? My CharlieDad and Wicked Step Mother sent them. they are so much more beautiful in person than in the picture; truly the camera phone does not do them justice. So they made me smile pretty much all afternoon. I'm pretty easy like that, I guess.

After work the phone calls started - people wanting to know what I was doing tonight, if I was coming to Wisconsin to celebrate, or if they could take me out on the town. But no, sorry, I had a very important date with two of my favorite men.

Patrick and Edwin drove out to Arlington Heights, and we enjoyed tapas for dinner at La Tasca. Holy crap was the food ever delicious. Only the company was better! We enjoyed patatas alioli, that amazing garlic-laden potato salad that just delights the taste buds, plus scallops and chicken and goat cheese and ... hell, I lost track, up until they brought my birthday flan.
I love flan. It almost hurt to share it, but I was a good birthday girl. One flan, three spoons. It would have been so romantic. Note to self: take a straight man for tapas someday.

Filled with good food, we headed back to my place, but stopped along the way at Big Shot for a cocktail and music. Wayne Richards was at the piano, and I think Patrick and I knew every song he played. My flight of red wine was terrific, especially the Australian Shiraz. Ya gotta love a kangaroo that can make wine.
And now it's becoming a relatively early ending to a splendid birthday. I'm off to the traditional birthday bubble bath before I turn in. Tomorrow will be just another day, until next September, when I'm another year older, another year wiser, and hopefully just as happy (if not moreso) than I am tonight.


jpb2525 said...

happy birthday The Maggie!!! I love ya sweetie!!

maggie said...

John, John, John ...

Missed you at the gym today! I'm up north next weekend ... so it's mid-September before we get a Saturday morning together to shake our collective groove thangs!

Pardon me whilst I pine for you ...