Thursday, September 11, 2008

My dancin' shoes

Back in July, my workout regimen suffered a blow like no other when the greatest instructor/trainer known to man left the gym. The amazing Sharon taught Hip Hop, but she taught me so much more than that. She taught me about loving myself, about reaching higher than you think you're capable, about the beauty of expression and about the community we create artistically together.

And tonight, for the first time in two months, we danced together again.

The old crew - well, most of us, anyway, converged on Push Fitness Studio in Schaumburg. John (who, by the way, is looking amazing!) Justice, Jessica, MaryAnn, Anna, Angel, sweet new Ian, and Paul were all there, and we literally danced our asses off. It was perfect. It was beautiful. It was so great to feel myself dancing again.

Not that I'm very good; I know I'm a white girl. But I have a blast. When we're all together, we really can't be stopped. We're there for the music, we're there for the fun, but most of all ... we're there for each other. We're this crazy cross-section of society - black, white, Hispanic, Asian, male, female, gay, straight, young, not so, great dancers, rhythmically challenged ... you name it, we've got it. But every Thursday night at 7 p.m., we're dancers, pure and simple. We are one unit, brought together to feel great and shake our collective groove things.

I am so thankful for this class, for the woman who creates it and for my fellow dancers who enjoy it with me.



Lyrics/song titles from Allens bent brain said...

"Dancin the night away..."I feel like dancin, dancin...and/or "The Dance" by Garth...these came to me like a flash, like a vision, burnt across the skies...LUV YA!!!

monkeyhouse said...

See, all I could think of was "Boogie Shoes." Just make sure to stay off the table.

maggie said...

There are waaaaay too many songs!

You should be dancin' ... yeah.

My my my my my boogie shoes.

Dancing queen, feel the beat from the tambourine (oh, yeah!)

I hope you dance.

I'm your boogie man. that's what I am.

Me and my 70's upbringing ... it gets me every time!

jpb2525 said...

It was magical - though I spent more time worried that I would end up in the gym equipment and kicking you in the face when we did the leg thingy! But thanks for the shout out (I appriciate that you think I am looking so good..) its a work in progress that never ends!!!! Love you The Maggie!!!